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In addition to counseling services, I am an Approved Clinical Supervisor (ACS) through the National Board of Certified Counselors (NBCC) and provide supervision for individuals seeking the required supervision for licensure in Georgia (LPC). 


My philosophy and approach to supervision, in congruence with my counselor education and counseling identity, are rooted in constructivism, and are informed by narrative, existential, Gestalt, and Adlerian theories and interventions. I approach supervision from an integrated perspective, informed by the Discrimination Model of Supervision, assuming various roles (e.g. counselor, consultant, teacher) that are most salient for the supervisee’s continued growth as a counselor. Additionally, I utilize an intentional focus upon intersections of identities to inform the process of conceptualization and treatment planning in supervision. Please contact me to discuss this process further including LPC requirements, documentation, etc. 

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Male Therapist

I provide consultation services to new and seasoned professionals around business practices, establishing a private practice, supervision of supervision, and ongoing professional development. Additionally, I have provided extensive trainings/workshops to organizations and universities around various topics and would welcome the opportunity to consult on what topics/concerns would be useful to facilitate for your individual/organizational development. Examples of trainings/workshops delivered in the past include burnout in the workplace/amongst helping professionals, importance of self-care and strategies, supervision, LGBTQIGE+ affirming practices, and more. Please contact me for my consultation rates and your needs so that we can establish a plan for working together.

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My counseling approach honors the survival mechanism that was necessary in that fracturing and capitalizes upon the strengths and resilience of individuals in enduring and surviving the obstacles and hardships in their lives. Utilizing insight-oriented techniques and interventions, I work alongside clients to form an achievable plan that gets them closer to their most authentic selves and congruent with the expectations they have of themselves. Additionally, my practice approach employs a liberatory framework to ensure that clients feel celebrated in all their diverse identities. 


Recognizing that many individuals are enduring and/or have survived trauma(s) in their lives, I utilize an integrative and trauma informed lens and bring expertise in working alongside individuals/couples/relationships who identify along the sexual and gender continuums with an emphasis on honoring the diverse and intersecting identities of my clients.

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